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I got my socks late last week but didn't open the package until recently. Fast shipping considering we live on opposite coasts. Good seller.
It's 30% off with free shipping over $150 for the next 2 days. I love the free shipping as I have a J. Crew store near me, so I just order it up and return what I don't like.
Any size 30 or 32s coming up? Just want to know if I should subscribe to this thread.
How do we alert moderators about accounts that only generate spam? PM? Or post here?
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos Thanks again for your help mate, I suppose I can reciprocate here. Horn - shine a light onto the button at an angle, you will see surface markings (may be very subtle). Will feel cooler against your face than plastic. Every button will be different. Less commonly polished, more commonly matte finish. Corozo - from a Brazilian nut. will look perfectly flat at first, but a closer inspection reveals a fine grain,...
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos Thanks for that, dswang. Your post will be extremely helpful, as there are definitely more than a few people here interested in that particular jacket, especially since they're on sale now with the potential for further discount. What's the fabric quality like on this jacket? 'See through' like the washed wool one? They played up the English Mill thing quite a bit on the site, so I'm especially curious. And the general...
Quote: Originally Posted by RLlikes This sale rocked! Thanks for the heads up, guys. On Tuesday, I ordered the burgundy chukkas, suede chukkas and plain toe bluchers. Called today about the 15% discount, and they applied it to my Tuesday order. Fedex tracking info shows that one pair will be delivered today and the other two tomorrow. So, I ended up paying (excluding tax) $130.39 each for the chukkas and $119 for the bluchers! I see that they...
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert We need to see some fit pix of all these j crew scores. My wife just found our digital camera last night. If I can find my tripod and USB cable, I'll take some pictures and post them. I am mostly unafraid of exposing my flabby physique to e-friends and strangers.
I did order the other herringbone blazer (#96305), but they forgot to ship it; I'll be receiving it soon and will update this thread when I do. Quote: Originally Posted by apropos So how did this purchase turn out? The blazer is in a medium-to-small width charcoal-colored herringbone. 90% wool, 10% nylon. I got it for $160. It's tagged a 38S, though I think it is around an inch too long collar-to-hem for me (30" long top-of-collar to...
As another point of reference: my wife has J. Crew fleece-lined chinos from a few years back. They are noticeably thicker and heavier than the regular ones, and she always mentions that they are super-warm. Unfortunately, they also look noticeably thicker from the outside, at least for her pants.
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