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I got the dark navy wallet today. Delivered quickly and as advertised.
Please keep this suit until I can scrounge up enough cash. I am only half-joking.
I would be all over this except I just took a shoe wardrobe inventory and I have too many shoes. Hope these sell soon before I take another look at them.
Thanks for the tracking number. I am worried about what your next haul is going to do to my bank account.
I was the lucky winner of the dark navy wallet sweepstakes. My anticipation is growing with each reply to this thread. BTW, got a tracking number for me?
PM'ed about dark navy wallet.
Quote: Originally Posted by sccoopy I have to disagree. You buy stuff with the intention to try them, then return them if it does not work out. but you buy stuff knowing that you are gonna return it, then that's abusing return policies. That will end up backfiring on us customers because stores will have to use more stringent return policies. I also think returning online purchases to stores may add cost to Jcrew , so if you do the filler, pay...
I do the filler thing some of the time for J. Crew. It helps that I live 10 minutes away from a B&M store. I don't find it unethical at all; if they don't want you to return it, they'll mark it final sale. One of the wonderful things about America vs. some other countries is the preponderance of stores with generous return policies; I say take advantage of it.
Does this stuff bleed? Please excuse my ignorance as the only pairs of jeans I own are CK, which are looked down upon by SF but work rather well for me fit-wise.
Probably average out around $400/yr. or so. I only buy on sale and when I happen to be interested in shopping. EDIT: whoops, question was not directed at me.
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