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Added pictures.
Quality is such a misused term on SF that I won't even bother with arguing with you about it ... J. Crew is fine for folks that are just starting out, as long as it fits you well. In terms of durability, my J. Crew shirts last just as long as my BBBFs, certainly long enough that you will get sick of it before it wears out. In terms of construction, they don't see any worse than my BoOs for the most part. etc. etc.
Yeah, I want those too.
They do mark the sales price. And I have been hit with customs the one time I ordered from them.
I have this in a Small. Still my favorite jacket! Good luck; NDG is tough to find nowadays.
Well, I already know that I would need to shorten the sleeves and perhaps the overall length, and with tax and shipping this would probably drive the final price for me up to close to $500. I already have similar blazers so didn't feel the need to reach.
Yeah, I just couldn't bring myself to pay $400 for the blazer, knowing I'd still have to take up the sleeves at least.
Yeah, customs can take a while, especially at this time of year. I sent something to New Zealand a couple of months ago via USPS International Priority Mail for an SF member, and it took well over a month to arrive. I'm going to guess the vast majority of that time was spent in customs.
The e-mail I got said that the code applies to "all sale items" in the fine print. It does say that purchase made with the code are final sale though, but that means something different to me.
If you mean "won't shred to bits as soon as you look at it" when you say "quality", then yeah J. Crew is fine. Despite what some folks on SF would have you believe, clothes from J. Crew can actually last for a while. They seem to have gotten a handle on more consistent sizing in the past few years, too, though I am not an expert as I buy an average of around one piece a year nowadays.
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