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Bought some bags from a spate of recent online shopping: * Jil weekender from Gilt. Can't find a picture online anymore but it is the size of a large carry-on, blue leather with plus-sign shaped slits cut into the sides, with black mesh underneath. Too expensive, but too hard to resist. Purchases like this are what keep my bank account dry. * MMM manbag from Yoox: link I went to Korea recently and found that something like this is really convenient to have when...
Forgot to contribute to the original question in this thread. I don't normally buy much from the malls, but will do the following when on sale deeply enough: * Size XS button-up shirts from Club Monaco. Sometimes a design I would wear makes it to $39 * Certain slimmer cuts of cotton trousers from Calvin Klein. They definitely fit better than say Dockers or Gap chinos * The odd item from J. Crew that piques my interest. This normally happens online during one of their...
Quote: Originally Posted by pcl Certainly is so in Asia ... Gotta hand it to Uniqlo marketing, by limiting their U.S. presence to one flagship store and play hard to get they have cultivated an aura of quality and exclusiveness and desirablity by a worshipful customer base for what is, well, an ubiquitous strip mall brand in Asia. BTW, exactly the same strategy works for Abercrombie + Fitch in Asia and Europe - creating desirability by limiting...
I just got back from a trip to Korea after not having visited for 6 years. I'd say that while it is true that Koreans are nowhere near as fat as Americans are, I definitely saw more plump people this time around than last time. I'm guessing this has something to do with the noticeable increase in the number of eateries specializing in non-Korean food.
Free bump for Master-Classter. He found a beige XS for me, but then an order from Gilt that they told me was cancelled, came in anyway, so I have to pay for that instead.
What are the coats made of?
PM'ed about Armani shirt.
This doesn't directly answer your question, but I got a Valextra slim briefcase from Off 5th late last year for around $600-ish. I would only need to use a briefcase for interviews (which I haven't done in years) but I couldn't resist. My point is that you can check out the Last Calls or the Off 5ths for these deals sometimes. I found mine in the ladies' purse section.
That member of the A/W '08 J. Crew thread would probably be me. And no, I did not think it was all that poorly made actually, for the price. I just didn't like the fact that it was partially lined, and there was some other reason I don't remember at the moment (probably fit-related). And yes, I understand that partially lined is supposed to be a sign of quality for some folks. I think another reason I returned it was probably because I don't need to wear blazers that...
Wife vetoed any more clothes for the next little while after I bought some RT cufflinks at TJ Maxx this weekend, so I have to pass this on to the next guy in line.
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