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Hello, I'm contemplating buying one of the Apolis x SF x Context military shirts, and I was wondering what size I should be ordering. I read the big launch thread about this, and still don't quite know what size I should be getting. I'm 5'5", 142 lbs, 36" chest, 16" shoulders, 22" shoulder-to-wrist, and a 28.5-29" top-of-collar to hem works best for my in sportcoats. Looking at the dimensions listed on the Context website, I'm thinking that I should get an XS; I...
no free bumps, please read the rules at the top of the main B&S page
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy I'll take it! Ergh, too late again. If this falls through, please let me know.
Are the ends of the sleeves supposed to be chunky, or are they rolled up?
Count me in if the sleeve lengths can be ordered shorter, and if the overall jacket is shorter, since I'm short.
The rules in SF are no free bumps. You have to reduce your price by 5% at least, IIRC. And yes, I'm realizing that I am bumping your thread but since you only posted 3 minutes ago ...
Wish it was a 36S.
I am interested in the 36s, please do pick it up, though I will need measruements before I can commit.
interested in the 36s, ditto on the pics and also measurements, thanks. Sent PM.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hermitedge Is the wash pretty "vintage" inspired or these can be dressed up? I'm wearing it to work today. The only distressing that I can see is on the hem, and it's very small little tears. Not noticeable except upon close inspection of the lip of the hem.
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