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Add 4% if not gift. Approximate measurements: Shoulder: 16.25" P2P: 19" Sleeve: 24" Back: 25"
Classic color in a good size. 17" shoulder 19.25" p2p 28.75" boc-hem lapel width: 2 3/8" at its widest point
Worn a few times. Add 4% if not gift. Approximate measurements: 21 5/8" pit-pit 18" shoulder-shoulder 24 1/2" shoulder-sleeve 32 1/2" BoC-hem
NWOT (didn't come with a tag). Add 4% if not gift.
Add 4% if not gift. Outsole is 11 7/16".
1. BoO (outerwear, blazers, knits) 2. MMM (GATs) 3. Club Monaco (outerwear, shirts, pants) 4. Our Legacy (suits, knits) 5. Nom De Guerre (outerwear, jeans) 6. WWM (Daiki-era blazers, outerwear) 7. Stephan Schneider (outerwear) 8. Ervell (outerwear) 9. EG (blazers) 10. Alden (longwings)
I have one of the $50 for $100 codes from Refinery29, good on until 2/28. Listing here in case anyone wants to use it. $50 via Paypal personal payment please (I have multiple good references on here and eBay).
Make that three.
The medium's shoulders are just too big. That's not correctable without a lot of cash at least. The small does look better, but it looks like there's not enough room for your butt, which is also probably not correctable as there's not enough fabric. Might be time to find another peacoat.
You're not going to be able to shorten it without it looking weird because the bottom row of buttons will be too close to the hem. The arms also look kinda big.
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