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I'm fatter than I remembered. Just trying to recoup what I paid - $36 + shipping + PP fees if you want to go that way (I have good feedback, but up to you). Predator in 30/Navy and Justin in 29/Khaki. Measurements on website seem accurate to me, I just screwed up my order.
I'm in the US. Ordered ~$200 item from End on Black Friday - no customs bill yet from Fedex (knock on wood) Ordered ~$350 item from Roden Gray last year - no fees Ordered ~$300 item from Nomad last year - no fees Ordered ~$130 item from Our Legacy last year - no fees Ordered ~$800 worth of shoes from Wrong Weather 2 years ago - got hit with around $200 of duties. Folks doubted me at the time, but sounds like my experience is common.
Roden Gray additional markdowns ... some W&H @ 50% off. Don't forget to use the SF code "getgray" for an additional 10% off.
I have this, and it is awesome.
I bought the unstructured navy crepe blazer from a season ago. It was a size S and the pit-pit was 18", so a true 34. My chest is 36" so I need to let it out a little bit (which can probably barely be done), but the fit otherwise is great. So I definitely wouldn't recommend sizing down if my blazer is any indication of how they size in general.
It should be better than on me. The main problem I have with this coat is that it's too long on me. I'd say it fits definitely more like a true medium than a large.
You're welcome. I picked up the navy crepe blazer. Here's hoping I don't get a gigantic customs fee (I probably will according to others' experiences with the Our Legacy webshop), but even with duty I think it will be a good deal.
Our Legacy dropped to 60%.
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