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Did anyone get order confirmation from their order today? I got an order number from the website, but I don't see it in my order history, nor did I get an e-mail.
Yoox up to 25% off on some "selected" items - use code HOLIDAY25
Search is broken as Parker said. Also, PMs seem to be broken - getting some weird message instead of a text box. EDIT: this only happens when you are not logged in. But still there should be something other than some cryptic message.
Add 4% if not gift. The tag says 100% cashmere. Approximate measurements (it's a knit but I tried to not stretch it as it laid flat): pit-pit: 19" shoulder-shoulder: 15 3/4" shoulder-sleeve: 25 1/2" collar-hem: 26"
Add 4% if not gift. Approximate measurements: Shoulder: 16.25" P2P: 19" Sleeve: 24" Back: 25"
Classic color in a good size. 17" shoulder 19.25" p2p 28.75" boc-hem lapel width: 2 3/8" at its widest point
Worn a few times. Add 4% if not gift. Approximate measurements: 21 5/8" pit-pit 18" shoulder-shoulder 24 1/2" shoulder-sleeve 32 1/2" BoC-hem
NWOT (didn't come with a tag). Add 4% if not gift.
Add 4% if not gift. Outsole is 11 7/16".
1. BoO (outerwear, blazers, knits) 2. MMM (GATs) 3. Club Monaco (outerwear, shirts, pants) 4. Our Legacy (suits, knits) 5. Nom De Guerre (outerwear, jeans) 6. WWM (Daiki-era blazers, outerwear) 7. Stephan Schneider (outerwear) 8. Ervell (outerwear) 9. EG (blazers) 10. Alden (longwings)
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