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I ordered one item last year for 100 euros + shipping and it made it to me in the US without any duties.
Received the Mackintosh coat today. Definitely a keeper, and a steal at the price I got it for. Thanks!
Thanks, just too long for me.
Anyone have measurements on the 36R sportcoats? Mainly looking for BoC-hem, sleeve length, pit-pit. Thanks in advance.
I have a couple of BoO sportcoats, and I am reliably a size 2. I normally take a 1 in their shirts.
I had almost all of my order from the most recent drop cancelled due to "inventory problems" after waiting for 24 hours or so.
i have the icelandic in an XS and it's a bit tight on me (36" chest), though I like my sweaters to fit more trim.
I have a pair of MOMAs from Yoox. They look good, but they're really heavy for their size. My sole is leather.
Tres Bien sale open to the public now.
I'd size down one.
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