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What's the difference between Skye, Skye 2, and Skye 3? I can't tell the difference based on looking at pictures. Actually, now that I look at it, I think I prefer the Skye over the Lindrick. Everyone OK with changing this to one of the Skye variants? I think a flat welt would look a bit off - but I want to make this happen so I'm actually OK either way. What is "wheeling"? And can I assume that non-contrast all-eyelets is fine, vs. e.g. blind eyelets or speed hooks...
I think a storm welt is the way to go on this boot. And I don't like the white stitching, so let's just nix that now please. Nobody has an opinion on the eyelets? EDIT: just saw Mr Clemson's response. OK, all eyelets works for me. I assume non-contrast? What's the C&J name for the Lindrick, in case Lauren asks?
Dainite sole? All eyelets, or some speed hooks? What kind of eyelets? What's with this wheeling thing? Might as well get that out of the way early.
Regarding a whiskey Lindrick: I'm also interested and have already contacted Lauren about this. She said the earliest they will have whiskey again is early December, so figure 16 weeks or so after that for delivery. She recommends that we get 12 folks's contact and payment info to her starting right now since it takes a while to get everything lined up. I agree, since this thread has ample evidence to back up her claim. I asked her how much this is going to be, and am...
I PM'ed you.
When I ordered the current MTO, the website charged me extra for trees.
I'm a Brannock 7.5D/E, and a 6.5 UK Oscar fits me well. So I ordered a 6.5UK in this as well. Here's hoping the Detroit last fits similarly enough to Oscar.I think I read somewhere that MTO pairs do not come with free shoe trees.
Looks like $750 to me right now ... I think their website has glitches periodically.
The price has been corrected now. I just ordered.
Same boat here. I was going to buy today but definitely not for $225 more. I e-mailed thm, let's see what they have to say. Is Detroit last the same sizing as Oscar?
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