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The medium's shoulders are just too big. That's not correctable without a lot of cash at least. The small does look better, but it looks like there's not enough room for your butt, which is also probably not correctable as there's not enough fabric. Might be time to find another peacoat.
You're not going to be able to shorten it without it looking weird because the bottom row of buttons will be too close to the hem. The arms also look kinda big.
Added measurements.
$169 each -> $149 each Great hand on the fabric. My camera skills suck, sorry. Add 4% if not gift. Approximate measurements: 19 1/8" pit-pit 26 1/2" collar-hem raglan sleeves, so no sleeve measurement
As seen here: http://www.billyreid.com/product/sunday-coat-grey.html Grey glenplaid pattern, leather accents. I just got this in the mail. Didn't come with tags but is new; I only tried it on twice. Could keep it, but I probably have too many coats already. Approximate measurements: Pit-pit: 20 1/2" Shoulder-shoulder: 17 5/8" Shoulder-sleeve: 25 3/8" Bottom of collar-hem: 34 1/2" Basically fits like an overcoat for a typical size S or XS, or over more casual non-suit...
How much extra coat should be there below the bottom row of buttons, vs. say the spacing between the rows of buttons? Should it be the same, 25% more, 50% more? Also, is there some accepted range of widths between buttons (e.g. 5 inches? 6 inches?).
I bought the Amos blue herringbone double-breasted blazer last Monday for $133 + tax, down from $369 retail. While I normally would just avoid CM suiting, it fits great on me and I already had the matching trousers (which I also got on sale). I figure it will be good for the occasional spring or early summer wedding since it's linen. Moral of the story as stated earlier in this thread is never never pay retail on CM stuff.
MAC does not carry XS.
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