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@MrVenneri what are the next steps now that we have 12?
I added myself to the whiskey Harlech GMTO: Sole: Dainite (Brown version) Eyelets: Exposed - Speed Hooks - Brass Stitching Color: Tonal/Color Matched Welt: 360 Storm Edge Color: Natural Tan (Antique) Pricing EU Customers (VAT) - £750 USA Customers - £624.95 *Shipping to USA - £30 **Shipping will vary to other parts of the world. 1. @MrVenneri
What's the latest on the whiskey harlech details? I may be interested depending on the details and price.
Are these still for sale?
Thanks for the response. I don't normally use insoles but I have flat feet so was thinking maybe I should. So you think a Viberg 7 should be fine without insoles? Would I need to wear thick socks? And I guess I might need a 7.5 if I wanted an insole?
I'm a 6.5E or 7D in Barrie, 7D Trubalance - what size should I take in 1035 both with insoles and without?
I have one in size 36. Fits well and is one of my favorite pieces. I got mine from History Preservation. I thought they also sold 34.
I bit on the white low GATs - it's not going to get significantly cheaper than this for NIB in my experience.
Thanks for the info.
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