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Based on your description of your wardrobe, yeah I'd go with some dress shoes or boots. If you are on a tight budget, I'd visit thrift stores in your area. Most of the time you'll strike out, but you might come across a pair in OK condition every now and then that you like.
Any codes for apc.fr?
I would buy something similar to the black CP training boots with the side zips. In fact I have that as a WTB right now in the classifieds. Not a big fan of the jodhpurs. They look great in the pictures, but a pain to put on on a regular basis. IMHO, speed hooks wouldn't work well with the small-hemmed jeans that people don't like to wear tucked nowadays.
Yeah, my wife just bought a Boy blazer from Nordstrom on discount and it is her favorite one already. It's still too damn expensive but the fit is just right for her. I will only buy from BoO when the item and price is right, which explains why I only have 3 pieces from them.
Worst: Land's End Canvas s/s madras shirt - fits not so well Billy Reid blazer - took $200 of alterations to get this to fit, as I bought a size too large. It fits OK now but really just a sinkhole of money. I should have just sold it when I got it. Lesson learned hopefully. Best: Sinn 556A - perfect tool watch Uniqlo +J blazer and suit - perfect off-the-rack fit Pending: BoO blazer - needs slight alterations, but looks like this is going to be a winner EG Andover -...
Worn 2-3 times. Just too small for me. * First to Paypal gets the shoes. * No returns - you are buying as-is. * Cost does not include shipping.
Dropped by the COS store in Nuremberg the day after Christmas to see what the fuss is about - too bad it was closed for the holidays. I don't think I'll get another chance to check this out anytime soon unless they open a store in the U.S.
I paid a little more than $50 a year ago for the selvage skinny-fit jeans from Gap, and they are my favorite jean of the moment. They're probably different this year, but if the fit is good and the material and construction are not complete crap, then $50 is fine for these IMHO.
Too many shoes in my closet, but no particular rush to sell. Comes with dust bags and box, but I didn't get original laces, so I put in some other ones. Price does not include shipping. No returns; I have multiple references on SF.
New Posts  All Forums: