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Doesn't seem to work for me.
For folks on the Whiskey Lindrick GMTO that I organized, due sometime April-ish: In response to recent questions about the order, here's a reminder about the specs that we agreed on: * Lindrick pattern * 325 last * Whiskey shell cordovan * Antique edging * All eyelets (no speed hooks), non-contrast. I think that color is called antique brass? * Storm welt * Brown Dainite sole * No pull tabs I wish now that we opted for speed hooks, but oh well. I haven't heard...
Online measurements for the ground pant seem like the thigh is pretty small, like it would be skin tight (11" in a size 30 for example). Do folks find that it really fits like that in real life, and therefore should size up?
What color are those Beckmans? Cigar Featherstone or Brick Settler?
This finally got sent to the factory according to an e-mail I received from Lauren last night. I'm surprised it took this long but evidently we just couldn't line up 12 paid folks. We need a better way of conducting GMTOs in the future IMO, that requires some monetary non-refundable commitment to hold a spot. Otherwise, this kind of thing happens far too often.
The bourbon Daltons at the Shoe Bank for $159 are a straight-up steal.
I confirmed with Pernilla that the whiskey Lindrick order is UK E width.And we're not changing any of the parameters of the order, don't worry. No speedhooks or pull tabs as agreed upon earlier.
I'm double-checking with Pernilla that the Lindrick GMTO is in UK E width and will reply on this thread when I hear back.In unrelated news, I kind of wish I specified speed hooks and pull tabs for this GMTO, now that I have my whiskey Harlechs with the same. They really are more convenient. Oh well, I'll survive.
@Mr Clemson @JayDotz @nishant @Manav Kapoor @stephenaf2003 @Booter @BackInTheJox @tkliebert @mdubs @Gabru Update on the whiskey Lindrick GMTO: Pernilla just confirmed yesterday that production should start in January, with an expected delivery time in April. I asked her why the dates slipped, since Lauren originally told me that we could get started in early December. Pernilla said that the delay was due to shortages of the whiskey shell - they originally thought...
Not yet. Evidently it takes a few business days for the factory to confirm production start and end dates.
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