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I did already.I think it's time to open this up to the folks on the waiting list.
@MrVenneri, are you going to send out instructions on what to do for the Whiskey Harlech GMTO? Or should we just contact Lauren directly for payment?
What's Lauren's contact info?
Let's just keep collecting folks for a waitlist. What's next @MrVenneri? Do we each individually reach out to Lauren at C&J? Or are you going to send us instructions via PM before April 4th? If we send in our info, will Lauren charge us right away or wait until the boots start being manufactured? At this point I'd rather the former happen actually just so we ensure we get our 12. Best would be a deposit but it sounds like they don't do that.
@MrVenneri what are the next steps now that we have 12?
I added myself to the whiskey Harlech GMTO: Sole: Dainite (Brown version) Eyelets: Exposed - Speed Hooks - Brass Stitching Color: Tonal/Color Matched Welt: 360 Storm Edge Color: Natural Tan (Antique) Pricing EU Customers (VAT) - £750 USA Customers - £624.95 *Shipping to USA - £30 **Shipping will vary to other parts of the world. 1. @MrVenneri
What's the latest on the whiskey harlech details? I may be interested depending on the details and price.
Are these still for sale?
Thanks for the response. I don't normally use insoles but I have flat feet so was thinking maybe I should. So you think a Viberg 7 should be fine without insoles? Would I need to wear thick socks? And I guess I might need a 7.5 if I wanted an insole?
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