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show me what you got! i want these as new as possible size w30 hemmed is okay, but i will pay less for a hemmed pair, nothing shorter than 34 MIJ preferred, but will consider MII please include pictures! works pretty well, interested any signs of fading besides the combs?
not a 31, FUUUCK
how would you say these fit?
is this indigo or black, i really can't tell
lets drop that new poll so we can kop!
sold out ;\\ but happy birthday!
so whats goin on wit these?
thanks, but i remember trying on an H&M suit and thinking it wasnt worth the price tag, ill go check it out again. any one have experience with zara suits?
does anyone have experience with the fit of the medium suits for them? im scared to order and get sleeves that are too short, i'm 5'10
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