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Yes it has
This is generally not a case of there being too much fabric between the two buttons. Here's a helpful post we made about how to debug this issue: Placket Bumps Out Just Below the Collar
Here's another one -
Yes - there is an interlining in there - it's very light though.The softness/structure of the collar will vary based on the fabric selected for the shirt. Heavier weight fabrics such as oxfords or flannels make for more structured soft-ivy button down collars than lighter weight fabrics.
Here's a couple shots of the soft ivy button down:
We updated the fabric gallery view here: Several filters and a search function that can help you narrow things down to what you're looking for.
Thanks jungleroller! That's great to hear!
Hi All, We've been watching and learning from styleforum since we started Proper Cloth in 2008. Excited to finally be a sponsor! At Proper Cloth, our specialty is men's custom dress shirts. We stock over 200 fabrics from renowned fabric mills such as Thomas Mason, Albini and Canclini. Our website makes it easy for clients to design their own shirts and fine tune their custom sizes. We're a small team based in New York and have a showroom in Soho at 481 Broadway. We'll...
All dimensions equal, if one fabric has stretch, it will feel much looser. If they are both cotton then that is probably not the issue though. If one is a twill weave it can drape softer and be less rigid than a broadcloth or pinpoint . As a result the twills can sometimes feel looser. Really heavy fabrics like oxfords often feel tighter due to their rigidity and thickness. Another thing that can be different (even if the dimensions are the same) are the angles at the...
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