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Pale blue or pale pink are your best bets.
Don't be lazy.
Is Umesh paying you a visit? What you need to do is be prepared to haggle, and haggle hard on price! I think he actually enjoys it! He's been in our offices a few times and and I've seen him do shirts for AU$100 for some people and I was down to about AU$65. Obviously, the more you do the better, but you should be aiming sub AU$70 (sorry, I realise you're in the US!) Shirts, first time around my sleeves were too long. I've seen other guys with shirts too big, so it...
How many does the motorised rack hold? I've got several racks that I use. Nothing fancy.
Quote: Originally Posted by tricket I like the outfit of Steve Mcqueen in the original Thomas Crown Affair 1968 better. Steve looks like a cool CEO. One of my favourite movies all time. Not that Kofi Annan is a CEO, but he's who I'd be looking at.
Definately. In recent times, a black (yes - black) self-stripe with blood red lining. Mid grey with sky blue window pane with sky blue lining. Navy with purple chalk stripe with a purple lining and a navy with pink and white pin which has deep pink (fuchsia) lining. Why not I say.
Cheers... yes in the store then order online would be my plan. I walk past here everyday!
Check out this... love it.
Any suggestions for stockists?
Quote: Originally Posted by Ropavejero Other than a deep rose red, feel free to experiment with the other shades too, such as: salmon pink, coral, melon, peach (a mix of pink and orange). I have dress shirts in all of these colors and even a fuchsia tie. I love my Fuchsia tie. So much so, it's time for a new one.
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