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Tetsuyas is indeed brilliant. Food is amazing and wait staff are ninjas. However, my only complaint is the matched wines. IMHO they were not on the level of the food, and a severe disappointment. Heading of to Marque next weekend for their degustation, which should be very interesting!
What does 'fun prints' on a tie mean? You can never be overdressed. Well, perhaps you could, but you wouldn't be wearing a top hat now would you?
Oh god.. the label on the sleeve. Why oh why do people do this? I don't care if it's Gucci.. actually if it's a Gucci suit and you leave the label on, you're a label whore with no understanding of quality or true style. Arghhh.
I'm with Kent. Bugger the rules. Do as you please.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cuff Link Not funny and a disgrace to the family name. Cuff Link Perhaps some should be using them to store suppositories.
I have the aspirin ones. Pity that aspirin tablets don't fit.
Olive oil burns at 210C - but yes, it's still a very good choice. However, don't oil your pan, rub the steak with the oil and whatever flavours you desire.
All the winners can be found here: So, if you're ever in Sydney, Australia you can now be prepared for dining out!
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday On a related note: I'm interested in learning more about the history of the cufflink. Anyone knowledgeable on the subject, or know of a good source for more information? I've got a wonderful book at home that has a detailed section on the history. I'll get the name and author and post it up tomorrow.
What's the verdict on the cut of TM Lewin shirts? For OTR I tend to wear either a 41 or 42 depending on the maker. I've just picked up a few from Thomas Pink in a 41 and moved the top 3 buttons across and they've been great, yet say Farage (an Australian brand) are spot on in 41. So, how will I travel in TM Lewin if Pink is a comparison? Also, what's the body cut like? I certainly like a narrower cut shirt.
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