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Quote: Originally Posted by Jovan So that's what happened to George Lucas' shirt. Yes.. you really do need a THX sound system to get the best out of it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Aus_MD Therein lies the difficulty. With whom am I dining - professional colleagues, business colleagues, friends, family? Each might have a different answer, but I would rate Guillaume (a "3 hat" restaurant) in the top rank but find Forty One (1 hat) to be comparable. For an intimate or family meal L'Unico in Balmain is my favourite, and in my mind outranks any of the other Italian restaurants that made it to the list. ...
What's your favourite or favourites at the top end of town?
That's the Rodney Dangerfield model.
I would have said Rockpool was the Armani to be honest!
I don't know about narrowly..
Lamb's brains pan fried with pancetta, a little garlic and a good olive oil. You can also crumb them... oh there's many ways.
Don't be a chump. Take the picture with you.
White collar and yellow cuffs??? Zowee.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy a caveat: the older you get, the more the rules become less flexible. By the pictures, I've got a decade on Kent. But... that's fair to an extent.
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