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Add a c in between those pics and it becomes something where the materials for the shoe comes from.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy i'd just enjoy the moment and see where this ends up, without really expecting anything. Perfect.
Went to Marque on Saturday. Was fantastic. Will post a review link once written. I've also got to write reviews for Uchi Lounge, Republic Dining and also have in the next week Sugaroom and Mahjong Room to add to that list - not necessarily fine diners, but some quality there without doubt.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wade M /off topic. Royal, now I know where you get your fashion advice that you post on ITM from :0 (or maybe you already were fashion 1337 before finding SF, lol). --djway Heh.. I'm a relative newcomer to SF but working my way around the sartorial set for most my working life now. fashion 1337... that's almost an oxymoron,
Quote: Originally Posted by Sator . Those wanting a sleeker look will be pleased with the Turnout in yearling leather (if you choose a narrow width). Am I just a blind old man..? I couldn't find the Turnout.
Any takers?
Quote: Originally Posted by timekeeping How about the Bather's Pavillion? I have very fond memories of the degustation menu.. The location is great, too. Haven't been in a while. I don't like going there as the clientele it attracts seem to be type of people I loathe - 40-somethings who live on the north shore of Sydney who talk *loudly* about their children's private school eduction, their new 4WD and Gucci, Prada and D&G, sweetie darling...
What happened to paper being touted as the new material 5 years ago? I could see paper shorts being so hot right now.
Quote: Originally Posted by Aus_MD "Ultimate dining experience", then I would have to add Icebergs at Bondi, but mainly for the location rather than the food and service. You raise a very important point, though, which is that I am judging the whole dining experience. For me this includes food, wine (and winelist), service, ambience, location, novelty, knowledgeability of the sommelier and waiter, and a host of other factors. It is necessarily a...
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