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Thanks for the suggestions and general discussion. A thought... for the look that's been put forward here, the consensus is that the tie is either solid silver, or a combination of silver and black. The bridesmaids dresses are sage - what if I was able to find a tie that was let's say silver with a very thin sage stripe? Or should I keep it to the silver/black look? Also, we see Charles in the pictures wearing a mid-blue shirt with a white stripe. What are your...
My first thought was... yep, I'll get a new suit made up for the wedding. Then, I thought.. what's the consensus on suiting up for the groomsmen? I'm only having a best man, but we should be wearing the same gear, yes? Now, if I spring for a new suit, do I do so for the best man? Or does he foot the bill? The suits themselves will not be a one-off use, they'll be perfect for work afterwards. What's the considered etiquette? Same goes for shirts, ties and...
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T come to Vietnam - Im lonely! not really honeymoony, but you can blow the snotter out of a cow in Cambodia with a grenade launcher btw. Im told its an experience unlike any other. I was there last year. Had a great time!
Quote: Originally Posted by johnapril In Phnom Penh, be sure to lunch at the FCC: Great. I'm going to reproduce your items on my blog - so I have them all in one place. Cheers.
Thanks! On my list - citywise is Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Kratie, Don Khong Island, Tad Fane, Vang Vieng, Luang Prabang and Vientiane.
Quote: Originally Posted by tiecollector I think I've only not left a tip once or twice and it was because I had to wait and only saw the waiter one time I think. I ended up leaving a $0.01 tip just to make sure they didn't think I just wasn't the kind of person to not tip. A $0.01 tip would be deemed an insult by most.
I'm heading off for some exploring in Laos and Cambodia as part of my honeymoon next year. Things like Angkor Wat are a given, but I'd love to know if you've been and any stories or experiences you had and any great places you found, whether it be for food and drink, shopping and markets, historic sites etc..
Quote: Originally Posted by tiecollector I agree, if you are on the fence then cuff em, cuz you can always undo it. However, I just dont think cuffs look good on people 29 on down. You want to make yourself look more sleek and show off the body as a whole instead of the shoes. Then, as stuff starts to sag, you'll want to draw attention to the cuff links and shoes. I turn 30 in a couple of days. I best be off getting all my suits...
I've got a lunchtime event in the middle of winter. I'm thinking navy blue a 2 button peak lapel with a faint teal tight pinstripe to match the bridesmaids dresses. But, I'm not sure yet... want to keep it casual and laid back.
Quote: Originally Posted by Augusto86 Me too - I rather like this look, although I've heard some deride it as vulgar or nouveau-riche(god only knows why) - in fact, I wore it today: I'm with you. This is a common look for me when I wear a sweater. I've got to say I've only got maybe 5 barrel cuff shirts, and I generally don't wear them.
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