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Cheers Sator. I've got to get a new shirt for my wedding day made as my next item, so I'll give him a go.
Are AE belts adjustable, ie. have a removable buckle?
Is there a guide to self measurement available anywhere?
Good food. Don't mind the cuisine to be honest.
Stopping in SF for a couple of days prior to Seattle and Tacoma. Looking for somewhere nice to eat and drink, mid to high range acceptable. Any tips, advice, or best websites to check out?
If anyone can give an answer on the eat/drink item, I'd be most obliging.
Any takers as to where I can find them?
Quote: Originally Posted by Sator already posted. Am I going to post more? No Apologies, I didn't read the last page.
Quote: Originally Posted by Khoa Are you still going to post some pictures Sator? Thanks. Bump
It's 75 degrees today, I'm wearing a tie. It was 93 the other day, I didn't have to see anybody, I didn't wear a tie. Basically, if it's above 90, I'll bring a tie in from home to the office in case it's needed.
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