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Quote: Originally Posted by Financier I just picked up a pair in chili at the AE outlet in NC for $179. Great shoes! Keep an eye on as well.
What are the measurements on the Puma jacket?
For the green tie, what is the color of the other stripe (not the white obviously!)
A paler pink than the tie works as well. Be careful though, you don't want to over do it! Perhaps a blue check with a pink overcheck or something where the pink is the minor color.
The suit he's wearing is almost reminiscent of the one worn in Good Morning Vietnam.. perhaps not so vibrant under the fluoros.
I wear a 41 or 42 collar shirt. What does this convert to in other international measures?
Thirded. That's an abomination.
If you're misting yourself, put it on before you put your shirt on.
I'm looking for Onitsuka Tiger (Asics) trainers online. Found a couple of places, but looking to find a wide selection of styles and colors. All suggestions welcome!
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