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Does this Chan have a website or a point of contact?
That's the problem with pinstripes, and whilst I work in the finance industry (albeit marketing), I've got 4 suits of varying stripe in my wardrobe - yes, it does look to much like a work suit, so perhaps it's something I should avoid. A self stripe may work though. Love the mourning suit, but it's a tad too formal for what I want. Interestingly though, the colorings in that shot are close to what I'm thinking. I guess I'll need to have a look at the swatch books and...
I'm getting married next year and looking at what outfit I can get. The theme color is sage and my bride will be in white, well just off-white. I've got a best man but no more in the party, so it'll be easy to have suits made effectively the same, and I'm certainly not wanting to hire anything. It's a winter wedding in Sydney, Australia and will be a lunch time affair. I've never been a fan of flat colors. so I'm thinking a dark grey or charcoal suit, but not...
Absolutely go for it. Speaking of Oswald Boeteng, about ten years ago I saw a dark suit with lilac stripes of his that I had to have. Never got that one, but I did get a bespoke navy and lilac suit made which I wore yesterday. Love the suit but don't get to wear it very often due to the weight of the material. Pinstripes, checks, whatever... if YOU like it, go for it.
Quote: Originally Posted by sdsurfer Ok great. I will take my coat off at the job. Follow up question is it too tacky to hang the coat up and cover it (with say plastic like from the cleaners, etc.)? In a closet perhaps?
Solid navy will of course work. Many solids will work too. What are the colorings of the suits you will wear? ...and how bold do you like to be?
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