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Watch, cufflinks, one ring (which is currently being resized so I'm not wearing it), and shortly a wedding band. I'm also thinking about getting a pendant made by shortly. Noone has to know about that pendant apart from my partner. So I can remain a gentleman for all the world to see.
I have several shirts that I have requested contrast stitching on. Not just buttons, but cuffs and collars as well. Can look very cool as long as you pick the right colors!
I guess if you feel competent enough to change all of the contents over from one briefcase to another then go for it. Ladies do it. I know I wouldn't. I've got better things to worry about.
Ksubi is junk. Worn by those only interested in a brand and nothing else. Herringbone is overrated actually. You're better off sinking fractionally more coin into a tailor as far as shirts go. And if you want to go the other way, there's many more local brands doing something a bit different with great construction at a reduced cost. Not tried their suiting, but I'm not into OTR so it makes it a bit hard. Brisbane and Perth aren't known for fashion. Melbourne...
Quote: Originally Posted by calvin1663 ^+1 my dad's got shoes since he was at high school, they've got massive holes in them, but he gets them resoled every 5 years or so, just loves them like hell... Every 5 years. Even shoes in the rotation once a fortnight need to be resoled more than every 5 years. Your Dad must be a lightfoot!
Thanks. Anyone recommend an online vendor?
Dress as you would back home (as long as you have that climate back home). Otherwise use best judgement. I'm off to Cambodia in 6 weeks but I live in Australia, so I just pack clothes that are appropriate for a 100 degree summers day. Now tell me, do you think I'll look like a tourist in Phnom Penh, being a caucasian, 6ft 2 and 205 pounds?
I'm going to get a new pocket square for my wedding outfit, should I go with white silk or linen? My outfit is a morning suit. Charcoal grey jacket, the trousers are dark grey with black stripe with a faint buff color as part of the herringbone weave. White shirt and grey/charcoal tie. Is simple best here? I saw a white square with charcoal trim yesterday. It might work but it might be a bit fussy. Thoughts?
Iron your shirts you lazy sods! Seriously, I've seen people wear these 'non-iron' shirts and they look like they've slept in their clothes.
Only on the sportsfield when being used to protect yourself from the sun.
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