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What are your body dimensions?
Just bought these Paul Smith Jeans pink cords. Struggling with shoe selection for pairing. Suggestions?
I have to say my experiences with Herringbone in recent times have been absolutely poor. Not to mention that the construction quality of their suits has decreased in recent times. Anyway, they've gone into receivership right now, so who knows even if they are still open. Go and see Charles. Sorted you will be. Peter Sheppard was stocking AE's about a year ago. I simply found my correct style and ordered online. There are different lasts admittedly, but it seems I did...
OK, so I need a dinner suit. I find it extremely hard to justify the purchase of one considering I've been working in corporate land for 15 years and invited to many parties, all of which have been 'lounge suit'. So hiring one seems to be the go - even though I'm loathed to, it does only seem the reasonable option. I've seen some ugly things so far, so I'm looking for a hire recommendation. Thanks in advance.
Funnily enough, we're both from Adelaide originally. I'm just in Sydney now.
A friend is looking for black shoes in Melbourne - budget AUS$300-$400. I'm a big Allen Edmonds fan, but wouldn't know where to purchase those in Melbourne. I'm also not too knowledgable on other brands. May be looking for something a little more forward than some of the AE types. Any retail assistance is welcomed.
Here's the instructions they so dearly required. http://www.realknots.com/knots/noose.htm
Do people not have bending problems with the plastic ones?
I sell instructional videos on how to tuck in a shirt and how to secure cuff links. PM me for more details.
Just about anything you like if you think it looks good. What color is the shirt and what color is the pin?
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