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Retail Price $135.00 Worn for ~6 months. Denim has signs of wear but no holes or blowouts. Stock Measurements: 32 Waist 9.75 Rise 11.75 Thigh 7.5 Opening They have stretched out but will shrink back down a bit with a soak. The Weird Guy is Naked & Famous' regular tapered leg, low-rise jean. The 100% cotton, 13oz, raw indigo jean comes with grey stitching. The 35" inseam makes this jean great for taller guys, or for those who want to roll the cuff and show off the...
N&F Deep Indigo Weird Guys, Size 30. Worn ~6 months. Here's approx measurements: Waist: 34in Front Rise: 10.25in Thigh: 11.5in Knee: 8in Opening: 7in
Thanks for the feedback. Yea, I'm not too worried about the calves as they'll stretch - my biggest concern is in the top block/upper thighs as I can't pull the jeans up fully (there's an inch or two gap above where the inseam starts). Can still return them and size up 1 but they were looser than I wanted them to fit (though I tried on a pair of Elephant 3's in a 31 vs. the deep indigo 30's in above pic).
Just picked up a pair of weird guy... Thoughts on fit? Tight in calves and a top block but tried on a size larger and they were way too loose in the waist. Apologies for the crappy selfie.
Was planning to order off Revolve, which still offers free returns but I'd have to pay to ship back the return. Good to know that the ST is slightly smaller though... looks like I'll either go for the ST in 31 or the SL in 30EDIT: Looking at the sizing on Blue Owl I see that there's a big difference in sizing between the ST-200 and ST-100. In a 31 the ST-200 has a 33" waist which is why when I tried on a 30 in the ST-100 it was such a big difference (1.5" drop).30.5" in...
Thanks - the ST-200 in a 31 fitted about how I'd expect a pair to fit after they had stretched out. I'm tempted to try a 30 in the SL but based on the 30 in the ST the waist might be too small.
Sizing question - I tried on a few pairs today but they didn't have all the sizes and styles for me to be sure. I tried on the following: SL-100x: size 31 fit well in the waist but not as tight as I'd expect a new pair to fit and it was pretty roomy in the calves ST-100x: size 30 was really tight in calves and couldn't button up the waist ST-200x: size 31 fit fairly well in thighs/calves but again wasn't as tight as I'd expect a new pair to be, especially in the...
Quote: Originally Posted by pdsf No contest - Ernest Alexander wins this one hands down. That said, the Dean bags are interesting, and I see they have brought out some new styles. Anyone know them? Thanks for the feedback. Just wanted to make sure the EA were on par with Filson as far as quality and such.
Haven't been on these forums in forever... but after reading through this thread and having my piece of garbage messenger bag fall apart on me, I've decided I need a new one. Anyone care to give me some feedback/recommendations? I'm looking at either the Filson 256, Ernest Alexander, or Dean. Want something that won't fall apart on me again... Links because pics take up too much room: Ernest Alexander Messenger Dean Messenger No need for a pic of the...
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