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I don't know why J would ban me. All I did was report the post. He brought the topic up here. I never brought it up anywhere nor did I expect anything to happen. But if someone brings up a topic in a public forum they should expect it to be discussed.
Quote: Originally Posted by VKK3450 Can they squirrel the "Transparent Moderation Log & Site Topics" thread?? BTW, In before the lock!!! K There was a very interesting article I read years ago about transparent moderation and it is the exact opposite of this. The theory was that all moderation just happened and there was no explanation because in the long run it creates more conflict than it is worth.
Quote: Originally Posted by johnny_flapjack OK, so I missed the 30 day return deadline. I just want my money back. $55 shipped on any of them, which means I'm paying the (first class) shipping on these and and you're covering my cost plus paypal fees. I want the last 2 pairs. Or the Blue/Yellow pairs please.
Dude, I peel like two pounds and they last a while. I have taken them to work before in a baggie. BTW, I also put sliced carrots in my red sauce. I heard it is supposed to tone down the acidity.
All I am saying is buy one carrot from Whole Foods or a pound of carrots at the Super Food Mart and peel them, cut them and eat them. The difference is amazing. Those little things have no taste next to the little mass produced ones. IMHO.
OK, I have to say it. If your carrots look like this: They are nasty, tasteless, rabbit turds. I cooked with a girl on Friday night and stupid me I actually peeled and cut whole carrots and she was shocked. She loved them. It was like she did not know what carrots tasted like. I rarely get those little bagged carrots and the only thing that makes them tolerable is an unhealthy amount of ranch dressing. I am shocked people cannot cut their own...
Quote: Originally Posted by hypersonic Thanks Silverback. Some of those are really interesting. Yes, I like them. The bulbs are fantastic.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Silverback, I suggest you just apologize and leave it at that. Fok. I'm sorry you called me a Monkey J!
Quote: Originally Posted by j So, are you calling me a racist? Let's just be clear. I'm not calling you anything. Get a sense of humor.
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