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Has anyone been to Alden DC lately to see if they have any non catalog styles? Also thinking of of getting some long wing blouchers in suede. Thanks
Googleads. It makes viewing Style Forum so much more difficult.
How come every time I click on a topic and try to go back I have a bajillion googleads pages to go through to get back to the previous page I was at? How do I fix it?
I usually go with RL dress shirts but it is hard to find my size (18 neck). Any suggestions?
I have some light colored Aldens with some faint black scuff marks. Any suggestions on how to remove them?
Quote: Originally Posted by Scrounger I wear a 10.5 E in other AE shoes and found the same size Eastport to be unusually tight in the toes. I understand boat shoes should be snug, but I think they're overly so. Shoe trees and wear seem to be stretching them out a bit, but too much effort for the price IMO. So if you were to order a new pair would you go up in length or width or both?
I love suede shoes but I never buy high end ones because they don't seem to last as far as keeping them looking clean. To me rather than gaining character with age they look rough. Am I missing something?
I'm thinking of getting a pair of AE Eastports in British tan. I have to order them. I have a pair of McAllisters that fit perfect. I also have a pair of Wilberts in 12D that run narrow. Does anyone have enough experience with the Eastport to be able to give me some advice regarding the fit of a 12D? Thanks
If I was walking onto Oxford University in say the late 50's or early 60's what would I be wearing? And which of these classic clothing styles would still be fashionable?
Red Wing has been the only folks that have been able to properly size me. Turns out I am a 12 B with a 13 arch so I have been sized for a 13B with perfect results. I would say let them size you and at least start out with what they tell you and go from there.
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