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I will be in Paris for a week. I plan to go to a few French restaurants while I am there. But, I would also like to go to a sushi bar in paris. Does anyone have any recommendations?
It's coming out on June 19th. The video feature will be a nice addition.
For all of its minor Flaws, Iphone is still an amazing phone. The new one should be even better.
They look like John Varvatos distressed suede shoes? Am i correct? These are Fall shoes. I would never try to wear them in the New York hot summer.
Quote: Originally Posted by Plsez2 No, but I instantly think Bollywood and lots of dancing and colorful garments. I've never had the opportunity to attend an Indian wedding. A friend did go to an Indian wedding last year. I think it's a five day event. The photos were amazing. Can any of you share some photos???
Hey guys, I saw George Clooney in an interview wearing a beat up pair of what appeared to be Ralph Lauren boat shoes. So it begged the question Do the shoes make man or does the man make the shoes?
Quote: Originally Posted by longskate88 ^ Ain't bad, I tried one once and it was a little small for my liking (40mm?). I had these Breitlings with a similar subdial layout, I LOVE the contrast subs! They make a couple with that contrast sub layout, though some are limited editions and pricey. Go with a Panerai. Once you go big,...
The Talented Mr. Ripley
I have yet to try Chicago Pizza. As a longtime resident of New York City, our tradition of pizza has lost its luster. Little Italy keeps losing its real estate to Big China Town. One Bright Spot. Try this place: Una Pizza Napoletana. The only problem is a 12 inch pizza costs $21. They take cash only. It's the closests to eating pizza in Naples, Italy. Cash Only. Wine is $10 a glass. 30 minute wait to get your pizza- so I hope you aren't
what else but Food, Friends and family!
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