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I had the first one and it was bad. The heel is kinda narrow so you have line marks and it stretches the heel, rather than supporting it. The 3rd one is the best as it supports the whole heel and fills out the space at the heel of the shoe.
Hi everyone, I'm looking for a pair of new brown suede shoes, with cap toes and quarter brogues. More of a versatile pair that can be dressed up and down (hence the derby option). After trawling through the web and many threads on sf I've settled on two styles: 1. Oxford with quarter-brogue (on toe cap lining ONLY) 2. Derby with quarter-brogue (on toe cap lining ONLY) The only ones I can find are the C&J Belgrave in polo suede (Photo by djjor). Would like...
Yep same feeling when I first got mine. Was so worried I'll get blisters. Just wear them long enough and they'll get quite comfty. Mine was a little snug (took that size according to the salesman's recommendation) but eventually it loosened up to just right.
I doubt so. The ones on mine are pretty high and I sometimes wished they were a bit lower. The Sterlingwear peacoats are designed around military men - big, muscular and all so you might want to consider that before you get one. In my experience I had to change out the shoulder pads to smaller ones and take in the flag-like sleeves.
Get the Sno-Seal. Great stuff and I use it on all my leather products.
As a fellow uni student let me add. Most people around my uni are in hoodies (varsity and whatnot) and other sort of canvas jackets. I wear my peacoat to school without a problem. No doubt you may stand out a little bit but it looks great and some people actually wear blazers over their casual wear. Just don't dress like a douche wearing leather shoes and working clothes beneath your peacoat and you'll be fine. I wear my peacoat with a t-shirt (you may add thermals)...
Shipping costs around $50.I guess personal tolerance of the cold differs, but I get by wearing the peacoat just fine. I can wear it at anything below 16 degrees celsius but would have to take it off once I get indoors.
Jacket is too small, get the next size up! It's too small if you can't hug yourself. Don't get carried away with the down-sizing, especially if you have well-built shoulders/chest.
Not sure where that peacoat is from, but it looks a little too big for you, even by non-SF standards. The chest area looks unfilled.
Nay. If you have very broad shoulders maybe consider another peacoat without one? Removing it could be quite tricky and may affect the dimensions of the coat.
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