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If anyone is interested in the KAKE in Grey or Black Union Los Angeles has some. https://store.unionlosangeles.com/products/kake-mock-pullover-1?variant=16545535173
Just got the oversized cropped hoodie in black. I wouldn't really call it black more of a dark grey. I like it however.
Sometimes It's just a duh! moment. Just ordered this one. https://jet.com/product/Honey-Can-Do-DRY-01111-Wooden-Drying-Rack/025190191a604f0095af122322b064b2
If you have a steamer that should get rid of them.
Do you guys hang or fold your JE hoodies?
Oops wrong thread.
I think they look great.
Thanks. Too funny just a few after I asked, I got my shipping email.
Where does johnelliott.co Ship from?
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