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Retail price is $520 excellent condition only worn like twice a little soil on the bottoms but not seeing any wear. Outside may have slight creasing, most common projects crease pretty easily, but these are in excellent shape. Complete with Box extra laces and dust bag. Im under the impression this is a rare colorway I think only available at Barney's Shipping included.
I would say yes.
Anyone having some tight fit issues with the sizing down. Redo the lacing to crisscross and you feet will thank you.
Within the last month I purchased from John Elliott website a flash and cropped hoodies and they both have white labels.
Up for sale is a John Elliott Flash Dual zip hoodie. You probably know all about it if our looking at this so I save the boring details ' This is a size 3 or Large in Midnight. Tags have been removed will be included though. This has never been worn really its been tried on twice and never left the house. Its just a little too slim cut for me. Price includes shipping CONUS
Looks like the marketing ploy worked.
Buy the size 43 somewhere else.
Revenge of the 5th
I'll keep that in mind, bro
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