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There are these by Figlio di Giorgio on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/Monk-strap-burgu...ht_3206wt_1141 Its quality is unknown to me.
Added pocket squares. .
Quote: Originally Posted by HEPennypacker sigh, no XXL. Yoox was selling the old version. The new one is called Classic II.
Don't you like the burgundy one with dots? http://www.bensilver.com/Cummerbund-...undy,7876.html .
Quote: Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty how to ID them? .
Positive experiences selling to Quede, ebmk3891, altie, and Spats.
Click on a photo for a larger pic. 1) TOM FORD Dark Purple and Purple Silk Check Tie worn once, too long for me * 3 7/8" wide. 61 1/2" long. 100% silk. Made in Italy. Originally $245. Now $89 shipped USA. SOLD NWT per pedes and Brooks Brothers Socks from left to right 2) Monkeys - Cedar Brown, Dark Brown, Black, Dark Taupe, Beige (Colombia - 60% pima cotton) height: 12" 3) Fox - Teak Brown, Taupe, Light Brown, Ivory (Colombia - 60% pima cotton)...
From the POLO RALPH LAUREN CORP. Form 10-K: Ralph by Ralph Lauren Superior fabrics and a precise, impeccable construction define the distinguished aesthetic of the Ralph by Ralph Lauren collection for men. Suit separates, sport coats, vests and topcoats are all fashioned with the hallmarks of better men's suitings, from half-canvas jacket constructions and high-quality Bemberg linings to hand-finished seams, felled cuffs and hems and reinforcements at natural points...
Yesterday I saw the NYC police commissioner at the Charvet tie table. And I agree about some Drake's being too narrow; I was tempted but reluctantly passed on the 7cm grenadines and shantungs.
I ordered a few shirts on Sunday 12/26. Shipping date was 12/28. Package was delivered today 12/30.
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