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Jacket - Brooks Brothers Shirt - Barneys Tie - Ralph Lauren Pocket Square - Kent Wang Pants - ?
From a Ben Silver email: Order online and receive free standard shipping (FedEx 2-3 day) from April 13th to 20th 2011 on orders over $250. Use promo code FS411 at checkout.
Price drop on squares and socks. .
Quote: Originally Posted by poorsod Any suggestions reasonably priced alternatives? Alfred Sargent Templar Allen Edmonds Kendall Barker Dominic Brooks Brothers Lace Up Crockett & Jones Chatham Crockett & Jones Cheam Ferragamo Andrea Florsheim Kingston Magnanni for Neiman Marcus Sanders Strand Shipton & Heneage Tamar Sutor Mantellassi BS 956
Ventless is the proper alternative to side vents on db's. You won't look odd.
Price drop on pocket squares. .
I like Falke at Saks. Its over-the-calf version is longer in height than Marcoliani.
At the trunk show will you be accepting cash and/or credit cards?
There are these by Figlio di Giorgio on ebay: Its quality is unknown to me.
Added pocket squares. .
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