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Quote: Originally Posted by diorshoe one more slight price drop $144 refund! My shoes were shipped quickly and were a perfect fit. Thanks Brian.
I bought the first jacket in a larger size on the last day of the sale.
Quote: Originally Posted by Joel_Cairo I assume it has secret pockets hidden in the lining, to stash the kickbacks and bribes you get from all those crooked lobbyists. I wouldn't say "crooked." I would say "generous."
My laptop is 12 1/4" wide and fits snugly into the convoy's built-in sleeve. My Waterfield sleeve case is 13.5" wide and just fits into the bag. The convoy's laptop sleeve is only padded on the side facing the interior of the bag. I do not feel any padding on the side facing the exterior. My opinion is this bag would not fully protect a laptop. I recommend to insert a laptop into a padded sleeve case before placing a laptop into this bag. So, a 14" wide laptop in...
I bought the convoy. Your choice may depend upon the size of your laptop. The convoy is a one-handled messenger bag with snaps on its flap. It is heavier than the broker. Its size is 13.5x12x7 inches. The broker is a two-handled briefcase with an unprotected silver zipper on its top. Its size is 16x11x3 inches.
Thanks for this info. Today I went to the Ghurka outlet and purchased the black messenger/utility bag for $109+tax. I don' t know why it's still selling on the Ghurka website for $595. And I was the only customer in the store when I bought the bag. I prefer to shop on a weekday--I hate the weekend crowds.
If you don't care for ironing, BB non-iron shirts (3 for $189) will suffice as long as you get them from a BB retail store. You don't want the shirts with the 346 label from the BB outlet.
I could not fit the medium into my Alden Medallion Tip Bal size 9E-hampton last.
On my original order of medium sized Epic shoe trees the box listed as fitting sizes 8.5N - 9.5W and Euro 42-43. Today I just received replacement shoe trees of medium sized Epics. The box now lists as fitting sizes 10.5N - 12.5N, 9.5M - 12.5M, 9W - 10.5W, and Euro 43.5-45 (although the shoe trees are still stamped 42/43).
Check out and for high end wallets.
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