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I ordered a pair of Mora monks yesterday afternoon. This morning I received an email from endless.com that read: "We are sorry to report that we will not be able to obtain the following item from your order: "Allen Edmonds Men's Mora Double Monk Strap,Brown,9.5 D" We realize this is disappointing news to hear, and we apologize for the inconvenience we have caused you. We have cancelled this item from your order."
Quote: Originally Posted by diorshoe one more slight price drop $144 refund! My shoes were shipped quickly and were a perfect fit. Thanks Brian.
I bought the first jacket in a larger size on the last day of the sale.
Quote: Originally Posted by Joel_Cairo I assume it has secret pockets hidden in the lining, to stash the kickbacks and bribes you get from all those crooked lobbyists. I wouldn't say "crooked." I would say "generous."
My laptop is 12 1/4" wide and fits snugly into the convoy's built-in sleeve. My Waterfield sleeve case is 13.5" wide and just fits into the bag. The convoy's laptop sleeve is only padded on the side facing the interior of the bag. I do not feel any padding on the side facing the exterior. My opinion is this bag would not fully protect a laptop. I recommend to insert a laptop into a padded sleeve case before placing a laptop into this bag. So, a 14" wide laptop in...
I bought the convoy. Your choice may depend upon the size of your laptop. The convoy is a one-handled messenger bag with snaps on its flap. It is heavier than the broker. Its size is 13.5x12x7 inches. The broker is a two-handled briefcase with an unprotected silver zipper on its top. Its size is 16x11x3 inches.
Thanks for this info. Today I went to the Ghurka outlet and purchased the black messenger/utility bag for $109+tax. I don' t know why it's still selling on the Ghurka website for $595. And I was the only customer in the store when I bought the bag. I prefer to shop on a weekday--I hate the weekend crowds.
If you don't care for ironing, BB non-iron shirts (3 for $189) will suffice as long as you get them from a BB retail store. You don't want the shirts with the 346 label from the BB outlet.
I could not fit the medium into my Alden Medallion Tip Bal size 9E-hampton last.
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