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Jacket - Brooks Brothers Shirt - Hickey Freeman Tie - Charvet Pocket Square - Kent Wang Pants - Brooks Brothers Socks - Brooks Brothers Shoes - Brooks Brothers
Jacket - Paul Stuart Shirt - Brook Brothers Tie - Drakes Vest - Country Road Pocket Square - Carnaval Pants - Mabitex Shoes - RM Wiiliams
Quote: Originally Posted by clarinetplayer This is wonderful. Tasteful and subtle use of brown and blue. I'm sorry to disappoint, but the photo seems to belie the true colors. The tie is midnight blue; the shirt stripes are a midnight blue, blue, and white; and the socks are dark blue. However, I do like your idea of the combination of brown and blue.
Suit - Paul Stuart Shirt - Garrick Anderson Tie - Sam Hober (Midnight Blue) Pocket Square - Carnaval Socks - Nagrani Shoes - Allen Edmonds
Suit - Brooks Brothers (Dark Navy) Shirt - Barneys Tie - Luciano Barbera Pocket Square - Robert Talbott Socks - Marcoliani Shoes - Allen Edmonds
Price drop to $105.
Price drop.
Barbour Eskdale
TOM FORD Ties - NWT with uncut and unmarked tie label $119 $112.50 Now $105 each. Shipping included to USA. Ask about international shipping. Click on photo for larger image. T1) Dark Navy and Blue Check Cashmere Silk Tie with Silver SOLD * 4 1/8" wide. 61 1/2" long. 53% cashmere/47% silk. Made in Italy. T2) Dark Brown and Brown Cashmere Silk Check Tie with Silver GONE * 4 1/8" wide. 61 1/2" long. 53% cashmere/47% silk. Made in...
Jacket - Palm Beach Shirt - Brooks Brothers Tie - Drakes Pocket Square - Roda Pants - Brooks Brothers Belt - Brooks Brothers Shoes - Polo
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