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12/16 price drops on pants added 12/12
Mabitex Trousers - sizes 35(e50) thru 36(e52) Waist measurement is measured from the outside of waistband. The trousers are all flat front except 4. All are hemmed except 4 and 8. No additional fee for using paypal. Google checkout also accepted. Shipping included to USA. Shipping to Canada is an extra $10 per pair. Ask about other international shipping. Click on photo for larger image. 1) Dark Aubergine Brushed Cotton size 32 hemmed (1 1/2" extra) ...
Positive experiences selling to vintage10, Beatlegeuse, r_fine, uriah heep, McDallon, and marshpage. Positive experience buying from edmorel.
I suggest one of Ed's soon to be available Panta cashmere Bow Ties.
Quote: Originally Posted by Working Stiff This is one of the worst tie knots I have ever seen. Thank you for that very constructive comment. Here are some other knots you may dislike. Four in Hand Half Windsor Pratt
Suit - Brooks Brothers Shirt - Brooks Brothers Tie - Tom Ford Cufflinks - Babette Wasserman Pocket Square - Kent Wang Braces - Albert Thurston Socks - Marcoliani Shoes - Alden
Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs I am considering selling them for $1 ea plus $16 shipping for the first and $15 shipping for each additional Unfortunately this is against ebay policy. If eBay becomes aware of your scheme to avoid fees, you will probably be banned from ebay.
Thumbs up for seller angelicboris. Very nice shoehorn.
Positive experiences selling to dbalz, lawnerd, wetnose, mink31, chl, LTM, brunello, and wondeydw.
I've tried the Brooks Brothers jeans. They are not a heavy denim but more of a light medium weight (as compared to Samurai). And they run a size or two larger than the tagged waist size.
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