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Alden is excluded from this sale.
Check out (Kabbaz-Kelly) for Marcoliani and Bresciani socks
These unhemmed pants are flat front with a single button front closure, two buttoned rear pockets, a YKK zipper, and a belt buckle prong loop. The color is almost black. When I place a black object against it, the pants are just an incremental shade lighter--like an extremely dark charcoal or an extremely dark navy. I've tried different lighting conditions, but I cannot figure it. Brand names have been removed from inner and outer tags. Shipping via PRIORITY MAIL...
No, it's not.
These Drakes ties are brand new with tags. $89 $85 Price includes shipping to USA. Please add $10 for international shipping. All ties are 100% silk and handmade in England. 1) Yellow grenadine -- width: 2 7/8 inches (7.3 cm) length: 59 inches SOLD 2) Light blue with white and navy medallions -- width: 3 3/16 inches (8 cm) length: 57 1/4 inches 3) Blue with saffron yellow and light blue flower motif -- width: 3 3/16 inches (8 cm) length: 58 1/2 inches SOLD 4) Plaid...
Like new condition. Made in Italy. 100% Silk. Silk taping at the collar. Width: 1 7/8” Length: 58 1/2” $55 shipped to USA. SOLD
Today I saw a guy holding a large Daffy's Going Out Of Business sign at the corner of East 57th and Park Avenue.
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