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Quote: Originally Posted by x26 Hello from another Nashvillian. Not near as much availability of finer Men's clothes at a substantial discount available in Nashville. You can try: 1) Brooks Brothers--2 suits for $1,498.00--These suits will be a long term staple in your chosen Profession. 2)Saks Off-Fifth @ Opry Mills--Last time I was there I saw some very nice suits from Burberry, Issaih and others reasonably priced. 3)I saw some "decent" suits...
Quote: Originally Posted by Taxler How do you measure these exact distances? I use I'd wager serious runners are using some sort of pedometer/distance measuring device. Not sure how accurate the google app is, but comparing it to my car it is within .1 of a mile on my normal route. Today I ran 3 miles and walked another 2. I need to get back into the groove since spring is approaching.
Quote: Originally Posted by Crakaveli i was at tj maxx today and all they had were timberland and perry ellis. i'm guessing nashville isn't a hotspot for higher end clothes at discount stores. FYI the Bellevue store had a few pairs. 36x32 and a 33x32 if remember correctly. Nice to see some other Mid TN people on here. We can now discuss the finer points of overalls and cowboy hats
I'd buy one if BMW would bring the diesel engines stateside. 200 hp and 54 mpg would make an excellent daily driver. (please note: I'm not sure if the mpg figure quoted is using a U.S. gallon or the Imperial gallon)
Was just browsing the Levi's store and saw this: Unfortunately the only size listed is XL, but it looks like a nice jacket. I'm not sure if it would be worth the $158 price tag
Seiko Spirit ? It may be a bit above you price range, but it is a very nice watch for the money. The style is slightly more formal than casual.
hossoso, I'm sorry to hear that. I was actually diagnosed with hemochromatosis earlier this year. Oddly enough I'm 27 as well. I had two blood tests come back with high ferritin levels and I was referred to blood specialist. He gave the HFE gene test and I found out my HFE gene was abnormal (essentially a positive indicator for HS). The doctor then put me on a monthly phlebotomy regiment (giving 500ml of blood) to lower my ferritin levels. My levels dropped enough...
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart I like them so much I just ordered a pair on dk brown in an 8 eye boot that should arrive today...hopefully the zappo color is accurate cuz i dig it Those are very nice. They look like a lower cost RWGT. How is the fit? Do they run big like typical DM's?
IMHO most wireless headphones are a compromise in sound quality. I have these and they are ok for listening to TV while on the treadmill, but they pale in comparison to just about any corded set of cans. You might look into these Onkyos MHP-AV1 I like to find a set to listen to, but they seem to be quite hard to find in the US.
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