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Thanks for looking out for me Mr. Monty. That second post was actually also from me, though. The Tricker's country last wears a full size big (at least for my foot), so the UK 11.5 is pretty close to a US 12.5. I figured I'd bundle it with the 12.5 Allen Edmonds that I'm already trying to sell and offer a combo discount on two pairs of shoes that are a little big on me. Would trade for a UK 11 pair of those Tricker's. Figure that someone has to have a pair that...
Tricker's Sold
UK 11.5 Tan Suede Suede Burton Red Brick Sole With bags, but box is beat to heck. Laced up and tried on indoors. Were too big. Turns out my seller (not from SF) sent me UK 11.5 instead of UK 11. Seller has no more to exchange. Asking the SOLD I paid, will eat the shipping. OR Will trade to someone who has UK 11 and needs the bigger size. Just like these suede Trickers that several sellers have recently had up for...
Moved pics above with 2/24 price drop.
Bought a wool/cashmere RLPL sweater two weeks ago for $199 at Marshall's marked down from $299. Occasionally you'll see things like this languishing at a discounter. Most of the other sweaters there are $20-$40, so even $100 looks freakishly expensive. I spent 20 minutes combing over it for flaws before pulling the trigger. Figured it was an overstock or a PSR. I agree that many of the NWT items on eBay were likely shoplifted. Yet there are power sellers who are clearly...
Quick and easy transaction with bradster66.
Going, going gone.
Bosca ain't even in the conversation. I've had Bosca products and found them to be similarly serviceable to another mall brand, Jack Georges. Didn't cost too much on sale, but disposable in a few years if you're using them every day.
Pics added.
SOLD Like new shape except for the scrapes on the welt. That's from having a big foot in a small footwell while driving. Left the welt undressed with polish so far, so they're visible... moreso in the photo with flash. Also a tiny dark spot in the close up of the toe. They came like that. It's pretty tiny. Those are the flaws. More than shop wear, but barely used.
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