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Quote: Originally Posted by MisterGee Thanks for replying, Ahab. So what's the essential info? Alden balmoral wingtip, Tremont last, whiskey shell cordovan? I just want to have the basic specs for my hunt. Thanks again. Can you guys take this to PMs or a new thread?
Quote: Originally Posted by mxgreen Wow, I'm struck by the difference in color of the shoes in the OP and in Tom's photos. Which is the truer color of the shoes? Tom's pics are much better at showing the real tonality. When I took the shots it was to show condition. A couple of garden shots.
Alden Longwings in the LeatherSoul "AMERICAN LONGWING" make-up. NO LONGER FOR SALE Sold with bags and box. Trees not included. SIZE: 11.5 D LAST: Barrie MEASUREMENTS: 13-3/8" outsole, 4-5/8" at the widest COLOR: Brown Alpine Grain These are currently sold out. LeatherSoul's description. My feet are size 11.5 in length, size 12 heel-to-ball. I'm a D width on the Brannock, but have a high-volume foot with a high instep. Usually 12 D works out fine with some wiggle...
An answer to that request for measurements... Length: 13 5/8" Width: A hair over 4 5/8"
How are those 12E tight Richmaguni? Width or length? These are 3E so they should be slightly wider than the E. Of course these are going to be longer too at 12.5. I bought these because I needed an emergency pair of black dress shoes. Just slapped an insole in them, but they were still a bit too long to want to wear often. For reference, I have a pair of 12D AE Drydens that are snug in the toe box.
$100 seems like a fair amount that will add up quickly -- that's over $5k a year and it sounds like you'll make it go a long way given your other example purchases. Perhaps you can fund a wardrobe account or at least say half of it from your next bonus (presuming your comp works that way).
Price drop.
Thanks for looking out for me Mr. Monty. That second post was actually also from me, though. The Tricker's country last wears a full size big (at least for my foot), so the UK 11.5 is pretty close to a US 12.5. I figured I'd bundle it with the 12.5 Allen Edmonds that I'm already trying to sell and offer a combo discount on two pairs of shoes that are a little big on me. Would trade for a UK 11 pair of those Tricker's. Figure that someone has to have a pair that...
Tricker's Sold
UK 11.5 Tan Suede Suede Burton Red Brick Sole With bags, but box is beat to heck. Laced up and tried on indoors. Were too big. Turns out my seller (not from SF) sent me UK 11.5 instead of UK 11. Seller has no more to exchange. Asking the SOLD I paid, will eat the shipping. OR Will trade to someone who has UK 11 and needs the bigger size. Just like these suede Trickers that several sellers have recently had up for...
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