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I have the Glaser. Myron only makes them with nylon which the OP didn't want. I too prefer canvas. Believe it's a functional thing, though. Moisture + canvas liner = bad news.
Recently got some MTO S&H slippers. Took about 10 weeks. Got the $50 discount. Came FedEx with no problem, though they had a two-sentence description on the waybill that wasn't going raise any eyebrows. The same week a pair of Trickers came in and DHL wanted my social -- the card faxed to them front and back as well as an extremely detailed customs form regarding the manufacturing and materials. I declined the package and had it resent Royal Mail. No problems, no duties...
Country Comm has this. Might be a little big for what you want. Perhaps a little tacticool for some too, but that ACU grey looks sharp. The MOLLE grid makes it more masculine.
Has anyone bought/handled a Killspencer bag? After scouring the net, I've found only one real review (very positive) and a handful of brief blog comments. There's tons of gear blog hypebeastin' and interesting interviews with Spencer, along with some excellent marketing... but no one seems to know much. An SF search basically yields some posts with the same question, "has anyone bought/handled?"
Can anyone ID this bag?
Quote: Originally Posted by entrero Thanks.
Looking for navy blue rawhide laces. Have some in my Quoddy's that look good, want to put them in another shoe. Not having much luck with forum/google on finding anything but classic brown or black ones. Found this, but no rawhide for mocs. Guess I might call Quoddy.
SNUFF SUEDE ALDEN LONGWINGS Epaulet's "West Egg" Make-up. Closet cleaning. Never worn. Only tried on indoors. 12D Leydon last Outsole measures 13 3/8" x 4 1/2" Bags & Box. $420 shipped CONUS (Canada / International extra). Epaulet's Description Upper - Butter-soft full-grain suede with glove leather liner Outsole - Oiled leather "flex" sole Last - Leydon last for a slimmer, modern shape May we introduce our newest Alden special make-up. Exclusive to Epaulet, this...
Ragin Cajun is a local favorite for crawfish. Consistently decent. There's one in the downtown tunnels, but probably best to visit the one on Richmond near 610.
Have tried American Apparel and Schliesser. Found the cotton to be of high quality. Cut isn't right for me. My favorite of late is the Mossimo athletic fit 60/40 shirts from Target. Soft and light, perfect thickness. About $7 each on sale. Right length and cut for me. Typically I've always thought of blends as inferior. These are changing my mind.
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