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Can anyone ID this bag?
Quote: Originally Posted by entrero http://eleathersupply.com/lace.shtml Thanks.
Looking for navy blue rawhide laces. Have some in my Quoddy's that look good, want to put them in another shoe. Not having much luck with forum/google on finding anything but classic brown or black ones. Found this, but no rawhide for mocs. http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=186848 Guess I might call Quoddy.
SNUFF SUEDE ALDEN LONGWINGS Epaulet's "West Egg" Make-up. Closet cleaning. Never worn. Only tried on indoors. 12D Leydon last Outsole measures 13 3/8" x 4 1/2" Bags & Box. $420 shipped CONUS (Canada / International extra). Epaulet's Description Upper - Butter-soft full-grain suede with glove leather liner Outsole - Oiled leather "flex" sole Last - Leydon last for a slimmer, modern shape May we introduce our newest Alden special make-up. Exclusive to Epaulet, this...
Ragin Cajun is a local favorite for crawfish. Consistently decent. There's one in the downtown tunnels, but probably best to visit the one on Richmond near 610.
Have tried American Apparel and Schliesser. Found the cotton to be of high quality. Cut isn't right for me. My favorite of late is the Mossimo athletic fit 60/40 shirts from Target. Soft and light, perfect thickness. About $7 each on sale. Right length and cut for me. Typically I've always thought of blends as inferior. These are changing my mind.
No worries. It's even the same UK 11.5 size...
Man, those Trickers look a lot like a pair I once had.
Quote: Originally Posted by somatoform so can these work for a size 13D? Or are the exterior measurements (which suggest potential for 13 to me) not indicative of how they will fit? The outsole is indeed long. According to most sources, these would be best for a 12 D. See: Alden of Carmel's fit guide. This is also a good SF thread that includes good info about the Barrie fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by MisterGee Thanks for replying, Ahab. So what's the essential info? Alden balmoral wingtip, Tremont last, whiskey shell cordovan? I just want to have the basic specs for my hunt. Thanks again. Can you guys take this to PMs or a new thread?
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