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Indeed. Didn't notice the $357 until just after customer service phone lines shut. Called for adjustment today hoping to get my $90 or so back. "Sir, they are $477 in the system now."
Current Glaser bags are generally nylon lined. If I recall from our conversations before he made me a duffel, I believe Myron prefers that over cotton because it handles moisture better.
Wearing a pair of their mocs today. I think they're better than the Sperry's I have, but I wouldn't pay full price. If you can find them on sale for less than $100, solid value.
Impressed by the construction/look of the pair George just sent. Feel like slippers and seem robust. Ubiquitous Size Report (on my feet, your experience may be different)... - 11 D in the Beefroll Penny fits the ball of my foot snuggly, but the heel is a little sloppy. Hopefully this goes away once the sole flexes with wear. Do not feel like I could have sized to a 10.5 (I'm 11.5 on the Bran) without crushing my toes. - Also wear an 11 D in Alden LHS. The...
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Saw the Preston at a trunk show this spring in that Cigar-ish color on the same JR soles. The rep said it would be here this fall somewhere near $455 if I remember correctly.
These look spectacular in person. Just got the 11.5W. Would say pretty true to size, but I have hard to fit feet. These are on the 655 last. Plenty generous in the instep (11.5W is somewhat like a Barrie 11D). Notice that the toe box is pretty narrow from the cap forward, though, so by no means an apples-to-apples comparison to the blobbier American shoes.
I have the Glaser. Myron only makes them with nylon which the OP didn't want. I too prefer canvas. Believe it's a functional thing, though. Moisture + canvas liner = bad news.
Recently got some MTO S&H slippers. Took about 10 weeks. Got the $50 discount. Came FedEx with no problem, though they had a two-sentence description on the waybill that wasn't going raise any eyebrows. The same week a pair of Trickers came in and DHL wanted my social -- the card faxed to them front and back as well as an extremely detailed customs form regarding the manufacturing and materials. I declined the package and had it resent Royal Mail. No problems, no duties...
Country Comm has this. Might be a little big for what you want. http://countycomm.com/midrangepics.htm Perhaps a little tacticool for some too, but that ACU grey looks sharp. The MOLLE grid makes it more masculine.
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