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Have lots of nice shoes that most folks are blind to... but these Peals from BB get noticed.
I just got those Saunders boots in suede. The suede is somewhat darker and less reddish than the "snuff" that Alden uses, and definitely less silky to the touch. If you were to ask me if Alden made these, I'd be almost certain that they weren't. At the same time, they are unlike any AE I've seen. They look a bit like the Suede AE Malvern, though with only two holes and on a more elegant last.- Don't have my camera at home tonight; I know a pic would be more useful....
Another voice in the fray... 11 Marlow Wingtip - Fits like a glove (Prompted me to get this Peal from BB also on the same 325 last... but needed more break-in). I wear 11 D in the Barrie. 11 Marlow Penny - Fits great, a tiny bit longer than 11D Alden 986 LHS in same size, not as snug as LHS on my instep.
Indeed. Didn't notice the $357 until just after customer service phone lines shut. Called for adjustment today hoping to get my $90 or so back. "Sir, they are $477 in the system now."
Current Glaser bags are generally nylon lined. If I recall from our conversations before he made me a duffel, I believe Myron prefers that over cotton because it handles moisture better.
Wearing a pair of their mocs today. I think they're better than the Sperry's I have, but I wouldn't pay full price. If you can find them on sale for less than $100, solid value.
Impressed by the construction/look of the pair George just sent. Feel like slippers and seem robust. Ubiquitous Size Report (on my feet, your experience may be different)... - 11 D in the Beefroll Penny fits the ball of my foot snuggly, but the heel is a little sloppy. Hopefully this goes away once the sole flexes with wear. Do not feel like I could have sized to a 10.5 (I'm 11.5 on the Bran) without crushing my toes. - Also wear an 11 D in Alden LHS. The...
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Saw the Preston at a trunk show this spring in that Cigar-ish color on the same JR soles. The rep said it would be here this fall somewhere near $455 if I remember correctly.
These look spectacular in person. Just got the 11.5W. Would say pretty true to size, but I have hard to fit feet. These are on the 655 last. Plenty generous in the instep (11.5W is somewhat like a Barrie 11D). Notice that the toe box is pretty narrow from the cap forward, though, so by no means an apples-to-apples comparison to the blobbier American shoes.
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