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ANKLE FIT QUESTION: Bought a pair of Mountain Trail's from this collection. The fit inside is good, but the ankle collar seems to be digging just above my achilles. I know that a thicker sock would help with this, but they seem to fit me best with a medium sock. 1. Is this something that will go away with break-in? The leather is pretty soft out of the box. 2. Should I wear the lacing up top loose or tight to maybe help? Thanks.
I found them to run TTS. BTW, big thread on these from a few years back. http://www.styleforum.net/t/84373/peal-co-pebble-grain-chukka-boots-at-bb-good-sale-price
Got Myron to make me a duffel earlier this year with nickel hardware instead of the brass. I too can do without logos, but getting to know Myron over maybe 90 minutes of chat on a few calls somehow washed that over for me. Just got to like the guy. Still don't find myself reaching for it when I travel. Prefer a few other bags which blend in better.
Thanks. Picked up some Danner @ 40% off on your suggestion to check the sale. Didn't know Amazon had those.
These were 295 euro, and theoretically I should have received the VAT back (filed for it at the airport, got the stamp from customs, mailed it in... never got refunded). So roughly $425 with bank fees on the transaction.
Picked up a pair of Carmina in brown calf at the Barcelona store. Filadelphia last. It's already been mentioned, but might be worth waiting to see Epaulet's Carmina inventory which should post next week.
Have lots of nice shoes that most folks are blind to... but these Peals from BB get noticed.
I just got those Saunders boots in suede. The suede is somewhat darker and less reddish than the "snuff" that Alden uses, and definitely less silky to the touch. If you were to ask me if Alden made these, I'd be almost certain that they weren't. At the same time, they are unlike any AE I've seen. They look a bit like the Suede AE Malvern, though with only two holes and on a more elegant last.- Don't have my camera at home tonight; I know a pic would be more useful....
Another voice in the fray... 11 Marlow Wingtip - Fits like a glove (Prompted me to get this Peal from BB also on the same 325 last... but needed more break-in). I wear 11 D in the Barrie. 11 Marlow Penny - Fits great, a tiny bit longer than 11D Alden 986 LHS in same size, not as snug as LHS on my instep.
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