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YOOX just sent a code.15% and free shipping through Feb. 14. Code is MISSYOU in case anyone wanted to try.
Check here often:STP@retailmenot. Make sure to scroll all the way down as sometimes the better, newer ones can get mixed in with the older ones.
FWIW I saw a Cucinelli cashmere sweater at the Houston Galleria Marshall's last month. Jersey striped green and gray. Great quality, but ugly. Passed on it at $249.99. Have had good luck with some RLPL there. These things don't last on the racks.
My experience is that the Burford fitting is slightly wider and longer. That's just my feet. Others have said they feel the same. I can wear a sock of medium thickness with the Burford. Not-Stow's only fit me with a very thin sock and my toes feel closer to the tip of the toe box. .
No camera handy, so this is a phone shot... a little distortion from that lens. You can see the last shapes side by side, though.
For me the 10.5UK Burford fits like an 11.5 US, while the Not-Stow fits more like an 11.25 US.Another difference about the Burf outside of the last is the height. It's about 5/8" taller, which depending on how tall you are might be a concern.
Expires tonight. 40% off and free shipping over $100. EEV121211B
Things I saw in the Barcelona store that I really liked: 1) Tan pebble grain three-eye chukka on Danite. Simpson or Rain. - Would have grabbed these, but was already overpacked... also, it was 10/15, and the Occupy protest that day had Carmina closing early. 2) Single monk in dark brown calf. Inca. - Ended up with the dark brown calf double monk on the Filadelphia, but these were a close second. 3) Wholecuts in saddle shell. I'm not as shell-happy as most here, but...
Personally, I'm past the "investment" justification. It became a hobby about 50 pairs ago. If you have the money and the room, not really a problem. May I suggest setting an annual shoe budget either by $$$ or by a discrete number of new pairs to help your focus on what you REALLY want and whether or not you really will want it down the road. There's probably six pairs of shoes in my collection that were in the same $200-$500 wheelhouse that I still enjoy just enough not...
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