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11.5 TTSAlden Barrie, TB, Van = 11DC&J 325 = 10.5UKTrickers 4444, 4497 = 10.5UKCarmina Filadelphia = 10UK (Note: These were double monks and I went for a more snug fit). Wish I would have taken the time to try on as many lasts as I could because my sizing down of 1.5 has left me confused about the other lasts. Don't know if it really runs that big or if the extra half-step down was unique to my foot.
Frank,Will do. I have several pairs of shell, and I don't treat any of it too dearly. The choice to avoid shell wasn't a durability thing. It's was a hot climate thing.
Fourth pair of Rancourts just arrived. Love my pinch pennies best, so I was planning on asking Kyle for a navy shell version with the honey RLH sole since January. The more I thought about it the more I realized that I'd prefer regular hides for kicking around. Shelved the idea until I saw a Rancourt tweet showing some colorful shoes. Once the colors became available in July I knew it was time to move it forward. - Unlined Pinch Penny - Royal Blue Rockford, navy...
Paid half as much for a similar quality shoe from Rancourt. If you want traditional handsewns, I think it's the way to go. If you want zebra patterns or studded shoes -- then Yuketen fits that bill.Will never buy Yuketen again, though. Had some quality control issues with them within the first month on some discoloration and stitching. The vendor went to bat for me and basically got the message back from Yuketen that there "was no issue" and suggested that using dark...
Similar experience that the chukkas should probably be TTS while you might be able to size one half down with unlined and no socks.PINCH PENNY: I ordered 11D knowing I'd never wear them with socks. Fit is fantastic now, was a little tight out of the box. Not a spare millimeter in any direction, though.SUEDE CHUKKA: Tried both 11D and 11.5D on the chukka at Brooks and went with the larger 11.5D.Note that I wear an 11D in the Alden LHS, and most shoes 11.5D.
First outing today.
Thanks man. Actually, they fit well despite the size marking as I wrote. And yes, the Tankers that I was comparing them to were the Natty CXL from Epaulet. You been peeking in my closet?
Alden quality control strikes again... but this time it didn't really hurt. My marble suede Indy's came from Leffot this evening. Went through typical Alden unboxing: - Open box. - Inspect for blemishes. - Make sure shoes are right size. Both shoes are marked half a size larger than the box which had size I actually ordered. Oops. - Break out ruler, compare outsole to other True Balance lasted boot (a Tanker, which was just approximate) - Lace-up and try on with thin...
Will wear my pair with dark denim in the spring and maybe some of the cooler summer days. And I will let them get a little dirty without fussing over it.
When I lived in Chile I only bought one pair of shoes. Hopped on the micro to Plaza Vespucio and bought a pair of brown suede New Balance 710H lows. Everyone was wearing them with jeans and flannels, sort of a post-grunge hang over at the facultad. This was almost 18 years ago. Time flies. MusicGuy, is the pollution still as bad? I recall blowing one's nose and seeing some soot on the kleenex.
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