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It's a little chunky. Nice Vibram on the bottom. Wish I'd paid the current price and not the 30%+15% a couple of months back. Only issue is that the random indentations from distressing on the midsole look a little silly to me. You'll only notice when handling, not so much on your feet. Also would prefer a full sock liner.I sized down a half to begin with, but then went a full size down for an even more snug fit with thinner socks. Just know that they fit a little big.
Whole sizes only. Sized down one half size on the other Eastern Standard boot, but I wear them with thin to medium socks.If you don't mind doing the Spring/Summer colors, 6pm has them on sale for $190 this week.
Just hit it whenever they look a little dry around the creases. And by dry, I don't mean bone or paper dry, just when the difference between toe/quarters and the creases gets past a certain threshold.
Thanks. I've been using Reno on shell the last few years with no problems, although one would question whether or not the trace amount of turps are good for the hide. Saw Skip's recco in the past, but still haven't tried Venetian Cream... largely because anyone who has it online seems to charge prohibitively for shipping. Completely passed over the Cordo Cream as Reno worked fine, and the addition of neatsfoot oil (which may or may not darken leather).
For clarity's sake, when you say Saphir cordovan cream, are you referring to their cordo-specific product which has a neatsfoot oil base and no turpentine?Confused here because that is definitely a different product than the Saphir renovateur.
Wonder if I'm the only one here who grabbed a Mosley chelsea boot. A little pricey at the same discounted price as the shells, but I already have the two Marlows I want and something about this boot just grabbed me online. Liked it even better in person. Great grained leather and Vibram sole. Could do without the distressing on the welt, but I don't notice them on my feet. I got the Marlows in years past in my Alden Barrie/Van/Tru size, minus one half. Had to go a full...
Yes for the rainy weather (on my Marlows), not so much for the snow. Cobbler chose Vibram Richard half soles. I like.
Dropped a quick and dirty navy color mask on that floating medallion bal. Not perfect, but might be a helpful mockup.
What he said.
Same experience on two pairs of pinch pennies.
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