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Finsbury is the 341 last while the Marlow is the 325. You can probably sleuth around SF for a good description of the 341 fit.
Guess I'm jumping in on this late. I take an 11 in the Barrie and like the CJ 325 last in 10.5UK -- which is what the 11D Marlow is. My Marlow wingtips fit a little shorter in the toe box and slightly less volume overall, but the shape is better aligned with my foot than the Aldens. Not only is fit preference part of the varied interpretations of which size to take, but the actual morphology of the foot. Take two guys with the exact same foot length and width on the...
Not the greatest pic. Cam phone from one day last fall. Grenson wingtip. Navy/Dark Antique sole. The shoes look somewhat darker in person, but not as dark as those dyed Navy Shells (usually polish them with black, if that helps). RARELY does anyone notice. And that's likely only because the sole draws attention to the color. With a black sole very few would look down.Also have a pair of very dark navy PTBs that I sneak by as black. Recently was in a wedding in which a dark...
Epaulet talked about doing a makeup of that lizard chelsea probably about a year ago. Was hoping for it. Maybe this year.
Yup. Actually like the Rancourt's better and give them a slight edge on quality. Have four pairs of Rancs now.Count me in on the doubting side that they were made by the same factory, yet they do share some DNA. Now, a pair of Yuketen's I have looks like it is a 100% match with the OSBs I have.
There's been good flow of Rugby from Fall/Holiday '11 at Marshall's of late. Nothing recent is likely hitting.
Yeah, they're all over the place. Look at the Darlton/Marlow C&J for RL thread and you'll see lots of discussion about TTS versus minus half.Some boot socks and "elephant tongue pads" (see eBay or Amazon) might be a fix if you love them. BUT FIRST... see if you can't get a bricks and mortar SA to call around and see if a store has them.
It's a little chunky. Nice Vibram on the bottom. Wish I'd paid the current price and not the 30%+15% a couple of months back. Only issue is that the random indentations from distressing on the midsole look a little silly to me. You'll only notice when handling, not so much on your feet. Also would prefer a full sock liner.I sized down a half to begin with, but then went a full size down for an even more snug fit with thinner socks. Just know that they fit a little big.
Whole sizes only. Sized down one half size on the other Eastern Standard boot, but I wear them with thin to medium socks.If you don't mind doing the Spring/Summer colors, 6pm has them on sale for $190 this week.
Just hit it whenever they look a little dry around the creases. And by dry, I don't mean bone or paper dry, just when the difference between toe/quarters and the creases gets past a certain threshold.
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