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Have both of these. The 11D Marlow fits slightly bigger than the 11D Algonquin in the pairs that I own.Don't know if this is a function of the Dainite vs. leather soles, or just manufacturing variance.
Likewise. 11D Barrie, 11D Marlow wingtips.
This is a club for which I sometimes wonder if I should be ashamed to be a member.
Seems like everyone is gearing up for winter. Still breaking in some RL Rockford Royal Ranc boaters in the heat.
A bunch of Rancs at Nieman Marcus (Eastland Made in Maine) got a second markdown at the Houston Galleria. Might be some in your town. Reduced to $132-$177.
The $193.37 is the in-cart price; includes the extra 15%.
Ranc boats in Royal Rockford. Tempted. Already have some pinchers in that color. Wonder how the fully-lined aspect would affect the half-step down... in a laced boat I might consider TTS. Edit: The private sale price is $193.37.
Start here:http://www.styleforum.net/t/197413/rancourt-co-shoes-made-in-maine/1710
I wear an 11D in the Alden LHS and an 11D in the Marlow Wingtip. My Marlow Pennys (edit: 11D) rarely get worn. Feel a bit narrow to me in the toe-box. Length I find them to be the same, but as we talked about with the wings... my foot ain't your foot.
Finsbury is the 341 last while the Marlow is the 325. You can probably sleuth around SF for a good description of the 341 fit.
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