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Holy free marketing consulting, Batman.
Have both of these. The 11D Marlow fits slightly bigger than the 11D Algonquin in the pairs that I own.Don't know if this is a function of the Dainite vs. leather soles, or just manufacturing variance.
Likewise. 11D Barrie, 11D Marlow wingtips.
This is a club for which I sometimes wonder if I should be ashamed to be a member.
Seems like everyone is gearing up for winter. Still breaking in some RL Rockford Royal Ranc boaters in the heat.
A bunch of Rancs at Nieman Marcus (Eastland Made in Maine) got a second markdown at the Houston Galleria. Might be some in your town. Reduced to $132-$177.
The $193.37 is the in-cart price; includes the extra 15%.
Ranc boats in Royal Rockford. Tempted. Already have some pinchers in that color. Wonder how the fully-lined aspect would affect the half-step down... in a laced boat I might consider TTS. Edit: The private sale price is $193.37.
Start here:http://www.styleforum.net/t/197413/rancourt-co-shoes-made-in-maine/1710
I wear an 11D in the Alden LHS and an 11D in the Marlow Wingtip. My Marlow Pennys (edit: 11D) rarely get worn. Feel a bit narrow to me in the toe-box. Length I find them to be the same, but as we talked about with the wings... my foot ain't your foot.
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