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^^ is there something wrong with your fly? Something is off on the color palette for me. Could probably use slightly darker pants. Or maybe the shirt needs to be tucked in. IDK, something is off.
Those Lanvins looks awesome. I really want some but I have a hard time wrapping my brain around $400 for sneakers. I guess I'm just not baller enough. :\\ Also, it's amazing that when this thread was first started I thought most of the shoes were FUG but after looking at all of them over time, I'm kinda diggin' the aesthetic.
Why not browse through the WAYWRN thread? There's some very good pattern matching and mixing going on. I'll even link you.
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 Wow, you got to preview the 5 blazers before everyone else!!!! Lucky dog. I'm glad you knew Gilt didn't have shit today before me. . . . Elite! Quote: Originally Posted by forex WTF? They charge you and don't fill the order but don't refund your money and give you a credit? This is such bullshit Happened to me with the Superga sale. It's like "free" $25 but I would've...
Quote: Originally Posted by NeurotRP Anyone happen to see the oakwood color in person? Looks a bit darker than sand online but wondering if the color differs much in person. I actually just purchased those. They're definitely darker than the sand one. I can try to post pics later tonight when I get off work, if you want. Also, that mini desert boot keychain... I WANT! Where to kop?
Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent Photo from Thursday in a pub by Victoria Station. Me, Bairms and Neofinita. ... Is that pub "The Shakespeare"? Think I might've grabbed a pint (or three) the last time I had to take a train from Victoria.
Thoes grey Coros are a lot more green than grey. Results of Dip Dye or is the color in the photo not super accurate? No hate, they're beautiful shoes.
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