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I think the Jedi would take the greatest exception to anyone characterizing their robes as "smart casual."
I try to refrain from engaging too much in collective hand-wringing over the declining adherence to the gold standard of formalwear (God knows there's enough of that on the forum). But having had the opportunity of attending a few white tie-invited and white tie-optional events in the U.S., I could probably contribute to the discussion. One caveat though, I didn't grow up wearing white tie - I don't even come from a culture where such things are worn - and thus it is from...
Interesting idea and quite clever I think. The morning suit's trousers are high waisted but this is in no way a problem, so I don't see why it wouldn't work. A parallel to this would be using the trousers of a white tie rig for black tie - something I've done successfully to optimize packing (no one even noticed the double stripes, and the dinner jacket was made of almost the same material as to be indistinguishable in the evening.) But I look forward to the experts' take...
Very well deserved! It's really inspiring.
I don't want to beat a dead horse but if people insist on a long tie, then why bother with a black tie rig at all? Why the aversion to the bow tie?
Any updates on this?
11,277.6 + 5 = 11,282.6
11,251.6 +5 = 11,256.6
Looking good. And many congratulations!
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