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If you are going to turn up in black tie, wouldn't valet parking be in order? More seriously though, I don't have helpful suggestions in this as as a "local," I would avoid driving and parking in downtown DC even in the best of times.See you guys tonight! I might even have time to go home and change.
Thanks for organizing AC. Look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday!
What are you? A Bollywood actor?
Bowties also seem rare in Europe. When I mentioned to a few people at a cocktail party in Vienna the other day that there are Americans who wear bowties to work once in a while, they were shocked, assuming that it's a thing of the past. Perhaps not unrelated, when I attended what I'm told is supposed to be a high-profile ball on Saturday, in a sea of white tie rigs, I could only count on one hand the number of self-tied bowties.
I see a lot of references to Anna Mattuozzo shirts falling apart in this thread. How much wear of you get out of them? How many years did they last?
Just landed in Vienna. Any updates or addition to what's already posted here? Probably what's on offer around Kärntnerstraße and Graben will be more than enough, but any additional tips from anyone who's been in Vienna more recently would be much appreciated. Especially places where I can find good leather briefcases.
Have heard great things about the movie but didn't know there was a sartorial angle. Another reason to check it out, I suppose.
Great! I'll be there. Also, is it possible to change the title and first post of the thread to reflect the new date? That way people don't have to dig deep to find the updated details. Just a thought.
You should hold your toga cum gravitas.But won't you be spending most of your time reclining languidly anyway?
I don't have a good answer to your question, but having the gap between the bottom of the vest and the top of the trousers showing (as in the picture) has always looked wrong and unfinished to me. I think three piece suits look better when the trousers are high waisted and the vest seamlessly joins the trousers. But I don't know if different "rules" could apply to odd vests.
New Posts  All Forums: