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Check out this thread. http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=98548
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay Also, boat shoes with suits. What if it's a linen suit? Or a chino/khaki suit?
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast If there's a noticeable mark that you can't tolerate, bin it and buy a new one. I can't imagine many people can bring themselves to do that after shelling over $200 on a Robert Talbot seven-fold tie, for instance.
[quote=Tibor;2164026] Quote: I apologize if this outfit was poorly put together. Do you think I should sell the suit from 1926 as it is too dated for today? I feel quite comfortable in this suit, but when I wear it just about everyone on the street does a double take. Thank you guys for your honesty. BTW I don't know any lyrics to Frank Sinatra. I listen to mostly 70's and 80's Funk and Oldschool and Underground Hip-hop. Thanks again for the honest...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma NA + S-E asian, AFAIK. Never seen them in Europe. The city doesn't have to be big, just need a bunch of Chinese people owning restaurants. I dunno where your from but, snark put aside, it might even be available there at some Chinese or Viet joints, you just never were in contact with it. Give it a try, you might like it. +1. I had bubble tea in Chicago last weekend. I think you can find it wherever there is a...
I don't get tassels either, but then there are also so many other things I don't get. I put it down to my small-timing-newbieness.
Quote: Originally Posted by superseiyan Thanks for the feedback so far. Based on your feedback: - Morning Coat was my idea. I'd wanted to stand out a little bit from the other men (are you not supposed to do that?) and look good standing next to my bride. But if it is wrong to do so, I'm open...that's why I'm seeking the guidance! I think the objection here is not so much that you want to wear a morning coat, but that you want to do...
Quote: Originally Posted by brescd01 I am soliciting recs, not giving them. I happen to have passing familiarity with Liste Rouge because of two orders conducted by mail, I don't know for certain that their service by mail is the same as their service in person. I know, I know - I apologize for the confusion. Blame it on Sunday morning stupor.
I think it would work for you. Showing a lot of collar above the suit collar is a very handsome look.
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack DC is probably the most formal American city. If it is, then it's really sad for America. I've lived in DC for a number of years and am not impressed with the standards of dressing. I would actually argue that NYC is a more formal city because: 1) more people wear suits to work in NYC. You'd be surprised with the kind of dressing people get away with at work in DC, even in some government offices....
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